Thursday, February 19, 2009

Notes From the Inside...

Hello everyone! It's me, Samwise, your guest blogger. Once again Mom is telling me she's got nothing to say so she has asked me to step in and amaze you with my wit. So today's subject...well, I am partial to it because it's all about MY kind! That's right! Today I am going to tell you about some of my favorite Blog Dogs!

If you look around the blog-o-sphere enough you will find that there are some pretty interesting canines out there! I'll start with some cousins of mine. Here's Minnie and Molly. They live with Brian and Jolynn Ellsworth in Gilbert, AZ. (some of my fave 5 people!) As you can see, they are very nice looking dogs and are stylin' the latest in neck wear! I have it on Conner's word that they are great fun and give their family lots of love.

They are related to this guy, Charlie, who lives with Steve & Gena Faria in Arvada, Colorado.

I have met my cousin Charlie. We've hung out at each other's houses. We love to chase each other round and round. One thing Charlie is good at is chasing squirrels. Here he is at his house keeping an eye out for the evil beasts!
Charlie has made some HUGE messes for Aunt Gena to clean up too!
Here he is at my house showing me his style. Unfortunately all we have to look out for in my hood are dangerous little kids on scooters so we ended up chasing each other again!

This my very brave (because I HATE the water!) cousin Daisy.(at least I am told that is her name!) She lives in Gilbert, AZ with Bryan & Lyndsey Mortensen. She can jump in the family pool and swim!! I wonder what that does to her hair? Does she use conditioner?
Have you noticed that all of these Blog Dogs are mini schnauzers? Let's throw a few more types into the mix! My Mom has met some fun people blogging. Some of them have very interesting dogs like this guy...

This is Big Boy, or, The Lug. He belongs to Niki & Boyd in Mesa, AZ. He lives a lovely lifestyle from what I hear! He likes to tear up Nikki's flowers (with an ulterior motive!) and he has a problem with a neighborhood bully. (Ya wouldn't think so looking at this guy...but it's true!) And like me, he has lost his dignity by being made to wear human clothing. I gotta go rescue him! Oh, and Big Boy...I can take care of that bully for you! Mom says I have a Napoleon complex and will take on a T-Rex if I have to. I am not sure what that means but I think it means nobody is tougher than ME!

This guy is named Jimmy ( after Jimmy Eat World!). He used to live in Mesa with his family, the Nielsons. But his Mom and Dad were in a bad plane crash and for a long time he didn't get to see any of them. I always worried about him and hoped he was happy. It looked like his Aunt Lizzy kept him pretty busy. Here they are on a hike at Canyon Lake!

We heard the greatest news a few weeks ago! Jimmy is back with his family at their new home in Provo, Utah where he came from in the first place! His Mom and Dad, Nie Nie & Mr. Nielson are recovering and doing well. Maybe someday he will get to go up 'Y' Mountain again. Hey! Jimmy! I'll join you! Do you think there are squirrels up there?

This cool guy is Rusty. His Mom is Melissa in Mesa, AZ. She is a Good Apple and makes amazing cakes and cookies!

Rusty got himself in trouble at Christmas time by eating a home made ginger bread wreath...Hey! They shouldn't have left it hanging on the wall way up high where he could get to it!! His Mom even had a vote on whether or not they should keep him. Thanks to all of the Dog Blog lovers out there he is still part of their family. I don't think she was you think someone would really give their dog away??? Well, maybe after Christmas casualties! Dude, Rusty! Ya gotta watch yourself!

Well folks, if you want to laugh a bit or even be touched in your soft hearts, click on a few of these links. Blog Dogs are the BEST and so are Mom's blogging friends and inspirations! This is Sam Loose signing off until next time!


Niki {A*Lovely*Lifestyle} said...

this is too funny!

i love what you had to say about The Lug. he appreciates it as well.

thanks for including him in your fun little post.

Gena said...

Charlie has been my security blanket today; I think he misses Steve more than I do! He's just gone crazy because the girls came home. He sends Samwise his love and hopes that Aunt Marianne and Uncle Dee have a fab and romantic time in St. George and get home safely (love you, Sis!).

URFAVE5 said...

Man I love Sam Loose! I just know that Mollie and Minnie would love and adore him! He is just a cool dog!

Hope you and Dee enjoy your weekend in St. George! We love you!!!

R.M. Loose said...

My dog is absolutely adorable. Hands down. :) I love him soooo much!