Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Notes From The Inside...

Hi Gang! It's me, Sam, your guest poster for the day. Mom seems to be really busy these days so I was asked to fill in for her.

Let's see now...what to tell you that the humans wouldn't...

Oh yes, from my dog's eye view I have noticed that things have changed a lot since the holidays. There are less things for me to walk around or on, or through, and that tempting tree in the front room is gone! I never did get to try it out! No more chocolate everywhere, no more good smells in the kitchen. I have found a few stray M&M's hiding along the walls and under the furniture, yum! But that Mom! She has been so busy cleaning that the pickings are getting pretty slim around here.

And speaking of "slim", Mom says that is something that we all should be...slim! She says that is why she has that bouncy thing she jumps on early in the mornings. She goes for a really long time and let me tell's pretty scary! I wouldn't get under there if you paid me! She does use my favorite word in the whole wide world when she bounces. She says she can't wait until the ice melts so we can go on long morning WALKS!! Woo Hoo!!

Mom has also been cooking more veggies and stuff like brown rice and whole grain pasta. I love this stuff! Oh! If only they'll give me a taste!

Dad usually comes home from work all wet because he has been swimming. Mom says he is looking really good and gives him lots of hugs and kisses. Me? I'd settle for a good belly rub now and then, I wonder if Dad likes belly rubs.

A dog has to be careful around here lately too! They got this thing for Christmas called a Wii (?).
I don't know what it is for except that when it is turned on people swing their arms around or punch the air. The worst one is Dad. If he is playing you had better move! I hear the kids telling him all of the time, "Dad! You're gonna break the TV! Don't get so close to the TV Dad!
Dad! You're not really bowling! Dad! You don't have to swing like it's a real tennis racket! Dad! watch out for my head!"
Here he is trying to make a bunny run! It made ME run! Scary!

I lay low when Dad is on the Wii!

And speaking of Wii...

The snow is melting down outside but the grass is still covered by about a foot of the white stuff. My situation regarding outdoor "activities" has been very limited for weeks and weeks! I cannot get near my favorite trees and just forget about my mailbox post! A dog has to have some dignity! I don't want to go Wii on the sidewalk for goodness sake! Unfortunately, there's a lot of yellow snow out there.

Life in the Loose house has settled back down to a post-holiday normal but life for me is far from it! I want sunshine and green grass so I don't have to wear this ridiculous sweater anymore!
When I have more odd happenings to report on I'll let you know! I am Samwise Loose, somewhere in Utah...signing off!


Anonymous said...

What a darling post, Samwise Loose!! I loved every word, you are really an amazing dog! The Loose Family is really lucky to have you! Keep up the good work with the posts and we will all pray that your snow melts soon. I promise, Spring is coming!!

Lori said...

I love this . . . who needs to see Marley & Me when you have your cute doggie. This was a great post.

Lori said...

If Sam ever gets tired of the snow, just send him over to me . . . I just love his little face. What a personality he must have.
To answer your question on my blog, yes, we are taking Brent to Provo. We leave on Monday, he reports on Wednesday. Deana is working at the MTC and we plan on seeing her. We have a niece who lives in Highland and not sure if she'll be able to come over to say good bye because of the weather, but we'll see. I keep hearing horror stories about the final exit. I'm sure it is going to be hard, but I know that Brent really wants to do this, so because of that, I'm going to be strong, mature and supportive and be happy knowing that my son has the honor of preaching His Gospel. Does it get any better than this??

Edwin & Tamara said...

Wooohooo for Wii

Love it love it love it

it really gives ya a good work out.

Helen Ellsworth said...

Cute blog, Marianne. I knew Sam was smart but I didn't know he was that smart. You beem holding out on me. It was so nice to hear your sweet voice ssswhile ago.

Love you Mom

URFAVE5 said...

Love the post. Doesn't really make you wonder what the heck those dogs think of us all.
I'm glad that you have got your house back to normal from the holidays. I always think it feels so so good to do that.
I gotta say that I sure feel sorry for Samwise, poor dog, man if he does wii in the house who could blame the poor dog. Who wants to go outside in that cold snow on the sidewalk no less! Poor thing!
Well I hope you all are doing well. We love you.