Friday, December 26, 2008

Ho, Ho, Snow!

From the depths of the frozen north I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! We snuggled up warm and cozy in front of our fire and had lots of quilts to go around as well. It snowed heavily two days before Christmas (as you can see two posts down) and on Christmas Eve it started in again. It didn't let up until late Christmas day! Our neighborhood streets are white and snow packed, the yards are all a foot deep in snow, and the trees and bushes look like they are bending under the weight of it all. I kept looking out of my kitchen window yesterday wishing I had a horse and sleigh with jingle bells and the whole works! Wouldn't that be fun?

Santa came to our house again this year...I suppose we were all good enough! He left something the kids have been yearning for these last few years...a Wii!!! Richard saw it and said, "See Rachel! I told you it was possible!" They have had lots of fun learning to use it and playing all of the games. Our funniest moment was when Dee was "running" to find a rabbit in "Rayman". It was hilarious but he would never forgive me if I posted the video!
The kids took Sam on a Christmas morning walk through the snow and were grateful for the neighbors who actually had shoveled their walks! I include video proof to Jolynn that you can actually leave the house and have a good time in the white stuff! I have even been to the Mall in Orem today and only slid around in the car a little bitsty bit!

We have enjoyed having my Mom here with us! She is so full of fun and always up for a game or a movie...whatever the kids want to do. She made some English Toffee, Cereal Candy, & Cougar Crunch for us as well as the most delicious pies! Oh, and she also whipped our behinds at Wii Bowling!!! Gosh Grandma! Stop showing off!!

Here are a few photos of the fun of the day. Enjoy the rest of your holiday break and stay warm everyone!

Richard & Grandma watching a movie together.

Yet another Grandchild has passed her by in height!

Rachel dressed as an Elf for her Fitness Center Employee Party.

Sam's checking out his stocking!

Santa brought us a marble roller and some crayons and coloring books

so we could all be kids again!

Grandma's pies...YUM!

Richard went out to help Dee knock snow out of the DISH so we could get TV again!

The ladies of the house model the aprons I made for them.


Christmas dinner is nearly ready...notice my husband's plate already has a snitched roll!

Sam got dressed up by the girls again!

Hope you all had a MERRY ONE!



Wow that is a lot of snow. The video of Sam is adorable. He looks like he could maybe be a Husky plowing through that snow eventually. Man those cookies looked delicous, my mouth started watering when I saw them. Our family made cookies too with Lyndsey's crew. They were good too. Glad you guys got a wii.I'm sure you guys will have fun with it.We have been enjoying our new games that we got. We love are you smarter than a fifth grader.
Thanks again for accepting my invite to my blog.
Love, Brilynn

URFAVE5 said...

Hi everyone! Well it looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas. I am still just amazed at all the snow that you have! I have no idea how on earth you guys do it. It sure is pretty though! We did not have sunny Christmas either, it didn't snow but it rained and it has been raining quite a bit the last few days and it's been a bit chilly here for us Arizona people. High of only 53. I know I know you guys are laughing right about now. But for us that is pretty chilly. Anyway, we have enjoyed the rain and cool weather.
I'm glad you guys have had a nice holiday. We did also. We love you all! Take care! Love, JoLynn
P.S. Thanks for accepting Brilynn's invite she is so excited about the blogging thing. I'm anxious to see how she does with it.

Abbie said...

I love reading your blogs, they're so fun! I'm glad you all had an amazing Christmas! Are't Wii's great? We got one last year, its still our favorite :) Love ya lots!