Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy First Anniversary Diana & Nick!

One year ago today Diana Felicia Loose and Nicholas Christian Mowes became husband & wife! I cannot believe that one year has gone by! I just want to tell them Happy Anniversary and let them know how proud I am of them! They are a darling couple and have worked so hard this year to be good at "being married"! Diana has learned that there are just times when Nick needs a project to do and Nick has learned exactly when to not say anything (a skill that takes many men many years!). She grew up with sisters and he with brothers so they have had an interesting time understanding the worlds of the opposite gender! The coming year will bring graduation from BYU for both of them and then off to somewhere for Nick's graduate studies. If they have to go far away we will miss them! They always liven up our Sunday dinners and surprise us just dropping in now and then. We love them very much and wish for them that the happiness just keeps on flowing!


URFAVE5 said...

What a darling little couple. Happy Anniversary to Diana and Nick and many more to come!!!

Gena said...

I loved getting to see them yesterday! They are still newlyweds but seem to have settled in to being an "old married couple" at the same time. Wow, a year. Where did it go?

Anonymous said...

How fun to remember such a happy day in your life! They are a very cute couple. Just think, you have several more of "these days" ahead of you. How exciting!!

Edwin & Tamara said...

Happy Anniversary

Diana & Nick :)