Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Night at the Loose's

Front porch "Spook-ified".
(scary music & all!)

Mummy-dogs baked.
Chili ready to go.

Family Fed.

Esacape artist pooch secured.

The Princess awaits her public...
... at least 125 Trick-or-treaters!

Trick-or-Treat Lane ready to go!

Happy Halloween!
Hope yours was Spook-tacular!!


URFAVE5 said...

Man Halloween at your house looks like so much fun and so yummy! Boy someday I'm going to have it all together and have Halloween be as good and yummy as yours. Instead, I had went on Conner's field trip and came home wiped out and ended up running some errands got home and quickly made ommlets for dinner and then very quickly got Brilynn and Conner ready to go out trick or treating. It ended up becoming somewhat stressful rushing to get everything done. But someday I will get it altogether and have a nice Halloween like you guys.

Gena said...

It was a fun Halloween. Your neighborhood 125 candy rats, ours 8. A little sad.

Marianne said...

Who said I wasn't stressed?!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Marianne, I'm trying to get caught up on everyone's blogs...the BYU game is on with 13 seconds to go and I can't watch...Brent told me to leave the room because when I'm gone BYU does better so I'm checking the blogs. YAY...We Won!! OK, now I can think better. I loved your Saturday Six (I can't remember for sure what you called it, something cute). I like Dee too, some people just have the kind of face that shows how good they are and he has that kind of face (plus the fact that he loves BYU, doesn't hurt). I'm getting sick tonight so I think I, too, will be thankful for antibiotics before the week is over. I loved reading all that you posted while we were on vacation. Halloween looked so fun at your house, we had a good time too. Brent's first Halloween as a dad, he was cute, it's fun to watch him experience all these new things. He's sweet and he seems happy. Now we're on to Thanksgiving (my least favorite holiday) but I really do love this time of year. We're coming up for the game next Saturday, I hope we can live through it. Any chance you'll be there?

Marianne said...

No game for us unless some tickets appear on our front door!