Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday Gratitudes...!

I have never done a "Sunday Six" so I thought I would sit down and think of some of the things that I am so glad are in my life this week. It's hard to get time on the computer on Sundays with everyone home so mine are my Saturday Six and here they are in no particular order EXCEPT for the first one!

1. My sweetheart Dee! I love him more than I could ever say! He has, from day one, been the kind of man who always puts his wife first. Anything I need he will get or do for me. (He gives the best foot rubs ever!) He gets up at 4:18 A.M. to be at morning swim practice by 5:00. He then teaches high school all day long and returns to the pool for afternoon practice until 6:00 P.M. He works every Saturday morning of his life to make sure his swimmers are getting the best training he can give them and then there are weekend swim meets and A.P. teacher seminars (which is where he is all day today). All of this he does because he loves our family and wants to provide everything he can for us. We all love him dearly for it. He makes the best cakes and pies to the point that we had to ask him to stop doing it EVERY Sunday because we were all getting so plump!If you know Dee you know one of the best men ever!
2. Antibiotics!! Poor Richard has had a terrible cough that has gotten worse until I decided yesterday it was time to see the doctor. He is in a pre-bronchitis state and is taking the good old Z-pack. We hope to see him feeling better soon!

3. Robitussin Gel Capsuls! They are the best thing ever! If any of you have gagged down liquid Robitussin you know what a Godsend these little red beauties are! No more gagging, choking, spitting it back out, or barfing it up...just swallow and be done!

4. Autumn weather. We are having the most beautiful days and our street is ablaze with color! Of course we will have to deal with the leaves from our six trees but that's generally a fun thing as we have purchased more rakes and get everyone in on the act!

5. My nephew, Michael Faria! I have loved this guy since he was a tiny blue-eyed bald-headed cutie pie. He has been here since Wednesday with his friend David. David just got back from his mission and Michael accompanied him for a visit to BYU. Michael is so quiet, sweet, and fun to have around! I love that he asks me whathe can do for me too! How many aunties get to have the fun of unloading the dishwasher with their sweet nephews or of watching them vacuum the family room? He's easy to have around and we all love him.

6. Sewing. I am so grateful my Mom taught me how to sew. It has been such a creative outlet for me lately as I have worked on some Christmas peeking!

There you have it...of course I am thankful for a whole lot more...but those are what have made me smile this week.


Helen Ellsworth said...

Sweet Marianne; I loved number 1. It makes a Mothers heart glad to know her children have such nice spouses and that you love them and aren't afraid to say so. I love Dee too. He and Steve have always been so good to me and act like ethey like me just a little. So glad you are enjoying Michael. I do too. He is always asking me what he can do for me too. Makes you feel good, Huh? This has been a nice Sabbath Day. We went to the Second Ward at elevn to hear Michael's friend, Weston Allred, talk. He just returned home from his Mission
Friday. It was a nice meeting. He served in Mongolia. The temperature ranges from 60 below zero to 125 degrees in the summer. That would be hard to take. If you see this while Michael is still there give him a hug and kiss for me. Love to all of you. Mom

Gena said...

Marianne, thank you for loving and taking care of my Michael. I kind of like him too. Since I just talked to you on the phone I don't need to comment much more except to say tell Rachel that really isn't an unflattering picture. She's always cute; I have pictures to prove it.