Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cornbelly's Part Two...


URFAVE5 said...

Man that place is way fun! Now I really wish that we lived close by. Not only would we get to see the prettiest Pumpkin Princess but we would get to have loads of fun and even sit on a cow couch.
Love ya all, JoLynn

Gena said...

Shouldn't Richard's picture be titled "I want this cowch?" Feeble attempt at humor. It looks so fun. I love you all. E-mail me sometime when you get the chance.

Niki (Crum) Worthen said...

thanks for your comment. it was so fun to hear about our round-about connection.

that house sounds amazing. and i LOVE crystal knobs! there is a lot to be appreciated around this neck of the woods.

the nielson's neighborhood is my old neighborhood too. we first lived on third place and then on second street. how funny.

i am sorry for your loss as well. it's always hard. no matter what age.

julie crum, now julie crane is my aunt. isn't she great?! i find that many people know my family. i love hearing about it.

so, you're an ellsworth? i know lots of ellsworths. we are good friends with gail and steve's family. julie and amy are great friends of mine. my mom and gail are great friends too. i also grew up with brian ellsworth. are you related to all of them?

Edwin & Tamara said...

Now that part of it looks really fun