Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I discovered this fun video display play list but I can't make the whole thing show on the side bar with this background so, phooey! Here it is on the main page. Listen if you want. You can click the fast forward arrow to see the other selections. I like the songs anyway. They remind me of cleaning my room on Saturday mornings watching my vinyl records go round & round on the record player...simpler times!


Gena said...

All right, Marianne, you have too much time on your hands... or you just spend it better than I do! BTW I love your choice of music!

Marianne said...

Hey! I just sat down and did it before breakfast! The kids were all gone so why not?

Regarding the time issue...if I don't make a list every day I never get anything done (I never used to need lists)!


Laurel said...

Fun music, my kind of music. Love the Beach Boys, Beatles & all of them. Blogs are really fun aren't they!

URFAVE5 said...

I enjoyed your music! You are so cute and fun!!!