Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remember~September 11, 2001

Heard in my home that morning:Rachel age 11: What's that?
Me: They're having a fire at the World Trade Center. (wondering to myself: How are they ever going to fight a fire up that high?)
Dee: They said they thought a small plane hit the tower.
~We witness the second plane hit LIVE.
Richard age 6, voice quivering: That's MEAN! Why'd they do that Mom?
Me:(What do I tell my boy? I have no idea!)

Fourty minutes later I am taking them to school telling them it will be alright and that I love them. As they left the car I hear a report about another missing flight. What? Then on the way home I hear that a plane has hit the Pentagon! I am terified.

At home the phone rang. It was Dee.
Dee: Are you alright sweetheart?
Upon hearing his voice I literally, for the first time in my life, fall to my knees and cry. I am so afraid. What is happening? Should I go get my children and hold them close?
Me: Oh Dee! Is this our Pearl Harbor? Are we all in danger? Can you come home?
I haven't paid our tithing yet this month! (That was a thought that disturbed me!)
Dee: It'll be alright. Don't be afraid. Call your parents. I can't come home. Call me again if you need me. I love you!
My parents call then. They are stunned. Mom recalls the feeling from December 7th 1941. It is the same. Dad comforts me. It'll be alright sweetie. Have faith.

My neighbor calls to check on me. She had been calling everyone up and down the street to see if we were alright. I think it was her way of coping.

My friend calls. Pray for my brother she asks. He called her from the stair well in Trade Center 2 to let the family know he was OK and getting out. She can't get through to him now.

The second tower hit collapses. Gena calls me. We talk and cry together. We watch the next tower fall together by long distance. I am numb.

A plane has crashed in a farmer's field in Pennsylvania. All flights nationwide are grounded. Then it was quiet. For days and days and days it was quiet in the air. Flags flew everywhere. We were united and proud to be Americans. My little son made a paper flag at school and we flew it in the front window. My children gradually grew less afraid. We prayed as a nation. Our President gave us courage. We listened to our prophet and were comforted.

Now we argue politics and morals. I think too many have forgotten that feeling of utter helplessness as we were attacked on our own soil. Thanks to God for keeping us safe since then and I pray we can remain so.

Never forget!

World Trade Center~New York City, New York

The Pentagon~Washington D.C.

Farmer's Field~Shanksville, Pennsylvania

My yard yesterday~

My view at the grocery store yesterday...Macey's in Pleasant Grove~


Laurel said...

What a horrible day for all of us, I had just walked in to work & everyone was gathered in my boss's office watching TV. The phones were ringing off of the hook, everyone was calling to see if we had been watching the news & needless to say I did not get much work done that day. I really feel that if the President would not have declared this war on terror we would still be very much in danger. Through prayers & a good President we have been safe from terrorists. I am sick of politics & all of the name calling....why can't things be like they were when Reagan was President!

Marianne said...

You said it my dear!