Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pool Fun

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Laurel said...

Love your pictures & collage, you can never have too many, great way to show off all of your pictures all at once. You are just as young looking as the last time I saw you probably 16 yrs ago at Susans funeral. You have a beautiful family.

christina said...

I don't know you. I just started a blog yesturday and I have been having fun wastin time using the "next blog" button. I have read and seen some great things and learned about some great people - most of whom I will never talk to let alone meet. Your family sounds wonderful and you sound like a very supportive ans strong mom. The reason I am writing a comment though is to ask how you made the collage. I know thats silly and I could probably find the answer in a help box but then I would not have also been able to tell you that from what I have read - you are a real blessing to your family. I don't know how this will work now for me to check back I guess I will book mark this blog so I can check back. God Bless