Monday, August 25, 2008

Our Sarah

I just got back from taking Sarah to the airport to go "home" to Toronto.
We will dearly miss her. It has been just like normal having her at home with us these last three weeks so home will feel empty for awhile. She is ready to begin the 2nd year of her doctoral program with 3 more to go after that. She is moving into a nice new place when she gets back. She has a roommate who is LDS and from Price, Utah who is moving with her and many people in her ward and school who have missed her so I am glad she is going back to friends. I put these pictures together yesterday so I could log in and see her face! For all of you cousins who haven't seen her in a long she is! Sarah, we miss you already!

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Robert said...

Every time I think of that Italian thief that made off with Sarah’s computer my blood boils. I wish I would have been there to whoop some Italian you-know-what. I hope that jerk gets carpel tunnel syndrome and they have to amputate his arms

URFAVE5 said...

She is just as beautiful as the rest of your girls and you. I wish we could see you all more.
Love ya, JoLynn

Gena said...

Sarah is a joy. Her performance of weakness that only chocolate milk could cure to is burned in my mind; striped footie pj's, tiny ponytail on top of her head, limply lying across Dee's "prayer" pillow, hand draped dramatically across her forehead, little voice gasping out "choc..late... milk..." Lovely and sweet. Beautiful in mind and spirit.

Lianne Barr said...

Oh Sarah, how I miss her! Hi Marianne! It's Lianne, Sarah college roomate! Sarah emailed me a link to your blog. What a great job you do on it! Here is a link to mine, it's not as cool as yours but there are some pics of my little ones!