Monday, August 11, 2008


So...the Olympics have begun and as usual, the Looses are deep into watching the swimming events! Within our family there are five competetive swimmers and three coaches plus a swim Mom in all of her glory. Last night was THE SUPERBOWL OF SWIMMING, the Men's 4x100 Freestyle Relay. The French have never had a good swim team but their men have been pretty strong all year and their relay team told the press that they were going to "Crush the Americans"...oh, really? Our lead-off man Michael Phelps & the second man Garett Weber-Gale held on to the lead, our third man Cullen Jones swam a lifetime best but was passed by the French on his leg of the relay. It was up to 32 year-old Jason Lezak, a 3-time Olympian to catch up on a full body length lead the French had going into the last leg. We were all on our feet screaming, waving him on, throwing things...I think they heard us in Salt Lake City!! Even Grandma Helen got into the spirit and was yelling right along with the rest of us! What looked nearly impossible happened as Lezak swam with the heart of a champion and gained the victory by touching out the Frenchman Alain Bernard by one tenth of a second...faster than the blink of an eye! Our roof was shaking, the dog thought we'd all gone insane, and pillows were thrown at the TV as they showed Bernard with his head down in the gutter mourning his loss. Guess that's what you get for boasting?

Oh Yeah Baby! We are a swimming family and proud of it! That race has to be the all-time most exciting Olympic relay ever and just goes to show how exciting a sport swimming really is. We look forward to a week full of may even hear us screaming! GO USA!!!


Abbie said...

I watched too!!! I was with all my friends and I was screaming and shaking! Ah, wasn't that the most amazing race ever?! I'm glad I have kindred spirits! :)

Annie said...

Cory was watching a recorded version, which means at our house it was 11:45 PM and all the screaming and yelling woke our babies! hehe He's lucky we love him!


Laurel said...

Where did you get that awesome slide show? I forgot that your husband is a swim coach so watching swimming has got to be exciting for all of you. If Susan were here this would be her favorite, she was an excellent swimmer...her butterfly was flawless!She beat everyone that competed against her.
Did you get your collage made? Let me know & if not I will be glad to help you.