Sunday, July 13, 2008

George Dean Ellsworth~July 12, 1921


Yes it was actually yesterday, but yesterday being a Saturday I was busy from dawn 'til dusk! I thought about my Dad often during the day and wished I had him around so I could sing happy birthday to him and get one of his big bear hugs! He had to be (and still is) one of the best Dads around. He was stern when he needed to be, but he wouldn't hurt a fly (figuratively that is...remember how he could swat a fly with his huge hand?!) and he was such a good example of charity and love for family. I miss his weekend phone calls and hearing his jolly voice on the other end of the line saying "How you doing Sis? Do you have enough to eat? How are my grand kids?!" I have figured out that since Dad has been gone I have been woefully uninformed about my extended family. It was his joy to call his sisters and brothers and find out all about how his nieces and nephews were doing. He delighted in their successes as much as he did his own children's. If I ever wanted to know how one of my cousins was doing or where in the world they were all I had to do was ask my Dad. He would have LOVED this whole new world of the Blog! I can picture him sitting at his computer for hours each week checking in on all of us...but he doesn't need a computer anymore! He is around...don't ever doubt it! I have felt him near me so many times and I am grateful he still cares and know he loves us all!'s to George! How we miss you and how we love you...Happy birthday Dad!


URFAVE5 said...

Oh Aunt Marianne, as I read your post I could hear some of the same things that you were quoting him saying! How I miss him too! He is one of the best men I have ever known! He could always put a smile on my face. I remember a few different times in my life where I was having some hard moments and I remember how kind and how loving he was to me and his great words of just love, tenderness, and compasion! I remember when we all went up there and surprised him for his birthday not so long ago. I am so thankful that our family got to go and be a part of that! That is a memory that we will never forget. He was so happy to have his children and so many of his grandchildren and great grandchildren around him.
Thanks for sharing the tribute to him!
Love you, JoLynn

Anonymous said...

Hi Marianne, I enjoyed reading the wonderful tribute to your dad and Brent's grandpa. It is so much fun getting acquainted with Brent's family through our blogs. Thank you for your sweet comment on mine....we surely did love getting to meet you and your family. I wish we could have spent more time together. I hope you will know that you have friends in St. George and when you come here you always have a place to stay if Brent and Kami aren't around (or even if they are around). Hope to see you again soon.

Edwin & Tamara said...


I miss you telling things are going to be ok and that thinks will work out. I sure could hear that from you right now.

Thank you Aunt Marianne, that was lovely what you said about grandpa
I miss him so much, and mom too

tlee said...

Auntir Mary, what a beautiful post about grandpa it made me cry. I miss him so much. The love that man showed his family was incredible. I can always hear him say "Three T are you feeding those kids enough?" or my kids favorite, "There's a kitty in my pocket." So many things to remember, one I know he loved us all very much and there is now way any one of us could ever doubt it. So Happy Birthday grandpa what a wonderful example to me of what a great man should be.
Love, Tara (three T)

Gena said...

Mom and I were kind of quiet on Saturday. It reminds me so much of growing up and having Daddy say things like, "Today is my Dad's birthday." Can't say much else; I miss him too much and it doesn't help Mama to see me cry. I'll have a good cry later.

Love, Gena