Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sam's First Vacation

Day One...Saturday, June 28th

6:00 AM-My family is acting strange. They are running up and down the stairs carrying large, wheeled containers of clothing. The last time this happened they left me alone for SIX DAYS and came back wearing mouse ears on their heads! I am worried.

7:15 AM-Everyone is kneeling down...they do this often...Dad is talking and everyone else is listening or giggling! Now they are all going outside...they are leaving me again! I just know it!

7:30 AM- The strangest thing has happened! Brittany put a strange new harness on me and hooked me to a seat belt. I am in the car!! This can only mean one thing...the VET! They are taking me to that place where I get poked and prodded and tortured! Let me out!!!

7:45 AM-My crying must have worked! They have driven past the Vet's and we are now on the biggest road I have ever seen! I have never been in a car this long before AND I have never seen trucks as big as the ones going by me now! I feel compelled to protect my family by barking furiously at them. This harness keeps me from jumping at the window. That would be most effective I think.

Later~I have lost track of the hours. I have no idea what we are doing. They keep looking at me saying, "Sam! We are going to see Charlie and Aunt Geeeenaaa!" They let me out of the harness briefly and I visited Nick and Diana in the back seat. They let me look out the window and get onto the floor. The amount of Goldfish cracker bits and muffins crumbs on the carpet is staggering! These people are a mess! I clean up after them and feel like I have had a good snack.

We are in some place called Wyoming. We stop at places where all of the girls and women jump out of the car and run into the building where they stand in long lines. Nick took me for a short walk at one of these places...there was no grass, no trees! What's a dog to do? I felt positively primitive.

3:30 PM-I am awake after a long nap. Rachel says she is covered with hairs and her legs are asleep. I don't know what is wrong with her, I am perfectly comfortable. Everyone seems excited. Mom is talking on her cell phone with Aunt Gena. She is asking about how many miles we have to go and will we make it on an empty tank of gas! Geesh! You think she would have planned better!

A few minutes later we are pulling up to a house. People are coming outside! Wait I know them! It is Aunt Geeeenaaaa! I bark happily while the humans hug and laugh. There is another dog out here and he is sniffing me in a rather personal way so I return the gesture...wait! I have smelled this behind before! It's Cousin Chaaaaarrrrrlieeee! Now we are all going inside. I smell food, lots of food! I have the feeling this is a good place to stay. I hope we are here for awhile.
Horrors! Cousin Charlie has led me astray! I rolled in some really good mud that he showed me and now I have to take a bath!

Day 2...Sunday, June 29th

Everyone got all dressed up today and walked out the gate in the back fence to church. Gosh, you'd think they lived in Utah with a church right in their backyard! Aunt Gena's family has a fun ritual. Every Sunday they come home from Church and grill burgers and hot dogs! Everyone enjoyed their meal, but as usual, the dogs had to wait for a tidbit!! (it was good, Uncle Steve!) I got to sit in Uncle Steve's lap while he read a book about art and math and engineering and I don't think I could figure it out!

Day 3...Monday, June 30th

The people are tired. Everyone is yawning! They are drinking lots of soda and playing lots of games. Every once-in-awhile the children come up from the room in the basement where there are many video games. Richard keeps saying things like, "I've got to get a Wii". Hmmm...I go Wii all of the time and then Charlie comes along and goes Wii over the spot I just christened! Aunt Gena taught Mom and Brittany how to play Pirate Dice tonight. The game seemed to have a half-time Strawberry Shortcake break! I didn't get any :(

Day 4...Tuesday July 1st

Everyone got up early today but not as early as Charlie and me!! We began chasing each other and wrestling all over the house before 7:00! It was a blast! The kids all put on swim suits and piled into the car. Aunt Gena and Mom drove them to some place called "Water World". They were gone all day and came home happy but very tired. Nobody wanted to play! Mom and Aunt Gena did some grocery shopping and Grandma made an awesome chocolate cake! (does she make any other kind?) They finally bought some ice cream today's about time! I also discovered Grandma's lap is a nice warm place for a nap!

Day 5...Wednesday, July 2nd

Everyone up early again today...they are cleaning the house...all except for the kids who are playing a game of "Killer Bunnies" on the living room floor. I have a strong urge to run right through the middle of the cards and have some fun, but for now I'll continue to bait cousin Charlie into chasing me by stealing a toy and running with it. This game is good for endless hours! It looks like it's going to be Hot Pockets or Corn Dogs for lunch...a dog can hope he gets some!

Later~Mom & Gena just got back from some place called a Scrapbook store. They have a glazed look in their eyes but they are smiling! Funny things make them happy like their little green bags full of stickers and...paper??? More chocolate cake and ice cream tonight...the humans were stingy and did not share with us canines.

Day 6...Thursday, July 3rd

I have mastered the hole in Aunt Gena's wall. It has a flap over it and Charlie uses it to go in and out all day long. At first I though he was crazy! That thing looks dangerous! I'd rather be at home and ring the big jingle bell with my paws! My family comes and opens the door for me...what could be better? The people seemed to WANT me to go through this hole and possibly get my head cut off! They bribed me with treats and even pushed me through it!! I determined to do it on my own so when they weren't looking...I conquered the scary doggie door! Woo Hoo!

The kids are all excited. They are going to see something called "Wall-E". Gee, they could stay home and play with ME!

More ice cream later on. Yum! (I got to lick a bowl!)

Day 7...Friday, July 4th

It's Happy birthday to America and leave the dogs at home alone day! Well, actually just the ladies went out. They were gone a really long time and came home toting bags that said "The Brass Armadillo" on them. I heard them talk about seeing lots of really old things...antiques, I think. They all had new sparkly things on their fingers too! Aquamarines, amethysts, and turquoise. I'll never understand humans! I'd rather stay at home and have a good nap!

Later~It is dark now and there are lots of loud bangs and pops going off outside. The kids are making a mess all over the back porch and Grandma too! there are REALLY BIG bangs! They have all gone out to the field behind the house to watch big lights in the sky. I am very scared!!! Dumb old Charlie is out there in the middle of it and he actually fell asleep! I m glad that Mom decided to stay inside with me and is a really good hugger! Did someone say Ice Cream?!!

Day 8-Saturday, July 5th

OK, what's the big deal?! We were supposed to go home today but everyone begged and pleaded and Mom decided we could stay one more day. I guess that's OK. The kids have only played a thousand hours of Wii and now they can make it 24 more! The grown-ups are squeezing in a few more movies and card games. Someone got out the M&M's and Reese's Pieces. Whoever it was dropped some on the floor! Thanks! More ice cream too!!

Nick and Diana came by later on with Nick's Mom and sister Hanna. Then there was lots of talking and more card games! Everyone stayed up way too late and I was not happy. I want to go to bed!

Day 9-Sunday, July 6th

Here it goes again! Everyone is dashing around, loading things in the car... I am nervous again.

Now they are all kneeling down and Uncle Steve is talking. I decide to show my displeasure by crying in a most pathetic way! It works! Everyone is giggling at me! I love being the center of attention. My family is hugging all of Aunt Gena's family and Grandma and then we are all in the car again. I think I know what is next...hours of yawning, napping, bouncing along, begging for bites of Subway and Taco Bell in Grand Junction, more naps, more miles, lots of rain...and finally...can it be? We are HOME!!! Oh joy! I run to my own back yard and bark and bark! It's fabulous to be out of that car!

Monday-July 7th

Epilogue~I woke up this morning in a daze...was this all a dream? I am walking around with bleary eyes and can't seem to find any energy. My family seems to feel the same way. Did they all dream the same dream with me? It would seem so....and it was a good one!

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Helen Ellsworth said...

Marianne; What a cute entry. Did you rememberit all after you got home or did you jot notes while yoou were here? Whatever, you did a good job. It was fun, wasn't it?

Any hoe it was a fun read. I was really tired when I woke up Sunday. I made it to church and home but just barely. Didn't do that much while you were here. Could it possibly be my age? Nah!

Let's do it again some time. OK?

Love Mom