Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hot Summer Fun!

What do you do when It's June 10th and feels like November 10th?...Stay inside and play games!!! The best part about our little cold spell and the howling winds outside that tipped over my patio furniture, is that it turned into a game night. I love that there is no school and we can play together and relax! Richard wants to know what to do with four "I's", Brittany is sure "Zagat" is a word, NOT a proper name, Dee wants to use "com" as in .com, and Rachel's best word of the night was "wacky" (appropriate, somehow)! Ice cream sundaes and popcorn lightened our hearts (but not our waistlines) and everyone wanted to cuddle with the warm little doggie. Somebody build a fire in the fireplace!


Annie said...

That sounds wonderful. I love a good board game. We played one at Jalyn's called The Pary Game of Curses!. It was crazy fun!


Gena said...

Our cold spell is gone and we're at ninety right now as I madly pack, make list after list, wash equipment, and find out what I need to do for camp. Can't wait to see you!

Love, Gena