Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

I was scanning some old photos the other day and ran across this one! When I close my eyes and remember my Mom I always see her like this...not with her 60"s bubble cut or her 70's blonde look! I remember thinking those brown curls were the most beautiful curls ever and that my Mom was so beautiful she had to be the Columbia movies lady who holds up the torch at the beginning of those films (I know this is true because my brother Richard told me so)!

I remember sweet hands washing mine, putting on bandaids, helping me frost a cake or stir the Sunday Jell-o! I remember those hands drawing magnificant stick figures to entertain me in church. NOBODY can draw a stick figure family like Helen! How those hands flew when they kneaded bread or put together a pie crust! She is also about the fastest crochet-er I have ever seen!

Mom will do anything for anyone, matter how tired she is. I have never made a pot roast that quite compares with hers, and those potatoes are to-die-for! I have tried making Grandma Ellsworth's chocolate cake but it's just not the same. Have you ever had a butterhorn roll the size of a salad plate? Well, Helen can make them!

Nobody can do the "grocery store two-step" like my Mom does. She'll dance to elevator music shamelessly! Dad always said she sure could put her turtle in her girdle!

And how about all of those old pioneer songs? You know, the one where the little boy puts a stamp on his forehead and asks the postmaster to send him to heaven so he can see his Mama, or the one where the daddy comes home to find his entire family has been killed by savages? Waaaaah!

Mom, I love you! You are the best!

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