Wednesday, April 30, 2008


One year ago tonight, just before midnight, a sweet soul left the Earth and ran into the arms of her loving Dad. My dear sister Sharon has been missed terribly by many this year. I wanted to take a moment and pay tribute to wonderful woman, my big sister. She was so generous and kind. She would do anything for you if she could. I was 14 years younger than her but that never made a difference. She was always so good to me. She had me come over to her apartment for sleepovers when Jay was at sea with the Navy. I was only five years old but she let me help her cook dinner and make breakfast too! I remember once, before she was married, she made the most amazing elephant for me out of modeling clay. I thought she walked on water. She was the one who taught me how to blow bubbles with my gum, but try though she might, she could never teach me to do that ear piercing whistle she had! As I got older she made a special effort to do "sister stuff" with me. With my Mom working she had me come over to her house after school and would help me with sewing projects. She included me in painting lessons when she took them from a neighbor and taught me many crafts of the day such as making macrame' pot slings, corn husk dolls, shadow boxes, and Mod Podging decor with Susan.

When Sharon and Jay built a swimming pool in the backyard it was always open to Gena and I. we could come over anytime she was there and take a dip. She often joined us and we would laugh and play Marco Polo with the kids. I loved playing a game of "King Oil" with her as well as Tri-ominos, and Water Works. She was always up for fun. She and Jay included us in Saturday drives out on the desert to collect aluminum cans and we would often stop at Coon's Bluff or Pinnacle Peak for picnics. Sharon knew the names of all of the desert plants and trees and would teach us about them. She loved nature and animals. I remember her love for their family dogs, especially Frieda the Dachshund, Princess the Pekapoo, and Daisy the terrier mix.

Sharon played the piano very well and took an interest in me when I started taking lessons. I always envied her pretty form, how she held her hands, when she played. She has a beautiful singing voice too! As I got older I found my voice going deep like hers did. We could sit together in church and sing tenor!

One of the things I loved the most about her is how she loved everyone unconditionally and treated everyone with respect. My children looked at her as almost a second Grandma and loved going to her house to play with Annie and Andrew. I still hear new things from them as they remember the fun things she would do for them while they were there. We still have the little hand puppet wash cloths she made for Sarah and Brittany when they were small. A blue kitty and a pink bunny saw bath time every night for years and years of their siblings baths too! She was so creative! The best gifts are homemade and she made lovely things. I have a rag doll she made for me in her high school sewing class. When she passed away last April I took the doll out of my cedar chest and set it in my room to remember my sister by.

Words aren't enough to say how I miss her influence. I just know that we do not appreciate the ones we love enough until they are gone. I am glad she is not suffering anymore from the cancer that took her life. She is in a better place and possibly helpin her Dad in that beautiful heavenly garden she saw! I hope she has the biggest, most beautiful Bougainvillea vine in Heaven! She deserves it! I love you Sharon...until we meet again.


Ellsworth Party of Four said...

I love you Aunt Marianne!! I have always spoken highly of my aunts on my dads side of the family. I miss grandpa and Aunt Sharon. I miss my mom. All wonderful people that have touched the lives of many, especially our family! Those were amazing words that you wrote about Aunt Sharon. I remember the sadness I felt when I heard of her passing. I remember talking to my dad about her and the pain he had in his voice. My dad has always held his sisters in the highest regard and it wasnt easy to know that one had left us. I love you, Sharon, and Gena! I quite honestly think I have the best aunts! I speak of you and your family often to Kam and I cant wait to bring her and the kids up to meet you all. We will be up Memorial Day weekend and im hoping we can get by and see you! Tell the family I said hello. I love you all! Thanks for the comment on our blog.

Annie said...

Thanks Mari~
I don't think I could have said it better myself. I'm envious that you got to know her so well and I kinda got jipped on my time with her. Thanks for helping me to get to know a different side of her!


Edwin & Tamara said...

Aunt Marianne,
that was beautiful,
Edwin miss his mom so much it has been really hard on him, he has been so sad,
I miss mom too, she was the best mother in law any one could have asked for.
Love tamara and edwin

dad said...

Thank you Mary Jay